Anti-Drip Stainless Misting Nozzle 5pk .020 /.5mm


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These cleanable Stainless Steel Anti-drip nozzles provide long-lasting performance for a variety of applications with corrosive and higher viscosity liquids. Most common uses include mid/high pressure misting systems, mosquito/insect control systems, odor control, and special effects.

Orifice Size: .020 /.5mm

Sold In A Package of 5 Nozzles

Misting System Nozzles Characteristics:
Whole Head Stainless Steel Orifice
Fine Atomization
10/24 Thread
Stainless Steel
Built-in Anti-Drip Feature

The .020″/.5mm nozzle is the largest-sized standard nozzle orifice. At 1,000 psi, the mean diameter of the droplets from this size orifice is 15.2μ with droplets ranging from 9.5μ to 49.9μ with a spray diameter of between 80 degrees and 90 degrees. The .020″/.5mm misting nozzle is ideal for applications requiring extreme flow with larger droplets where complete evaporation is not required. It is most commonly used for outdoor dust control in demolition applications. This nozzle can be used under any pressure.

Note:  High-Pressure Nozzles need at least 250 psi to open.

These nozzles will work with the plunger removed from the springs as well but the anti-drip function will not work.

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