16″ 5 Nozzle Misting Ring


16″ 5- Nozzle Misting Fan Ring

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Turn your fan into an outdoor cooling misting fan.

16″ 5 nozzle ring fits 16″ and up fans

The Ring Pictured in action is a 12″ 3 nozzle misting ring.

Every one of our misting rings is hand-assembled and inspected by us to ensure quality.

We use top quality components to ensure the longevity of your misting ring. Our tubing is UV resistant so it will last a long time. Our nozzle fittings are made of aluminum to ensure long life. The Nozzles are Brass, Murlock water spigot connector. Minimum operating pressure is 45 psi Maximum pressure is 60 psi.

You Need to run A Filter between your water spigot and fan to prevent clogging of the nozzles